Canadian Public Relations Society


National Conference

The Canadian Public Relations Society is an organization of men and women who practice public relations in Canada and abroad. Members work to maintain the highest standards and to share a uniquely Canadian experience in public relations. CPRS was founded in 1948 from two original groups - the first in Montreal and the second in Toronto. In 1953, these became associated as the Canadian Public Relations Society, and, in 1957, the organization was incorporated as a national society. Today, CPRS is a federation of 14 Member Societies based in major cities or organized province-wide. All Member Societies adhere to the constitution of the National and Member Society.

Each year the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) hosts a professional development conference that attracts over 300 participants from across Canada. The event features a combination of keynote speakers and workshops to support professional development in the field of public relations, and also provides networking opportunities with some of the top public relations practitioners from across Canada. Razor Creative designed the panoramic backgrounds to support all multimedia presentations. Built using PowerPoint, the files were designed so that the client could make edits to suit their needs.